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Things To Help You Cope With Being Unemployed


Thinking back to when you were young, perhaps a teenager, can help you through a boring old day job hunting. Today I chose to go back to when I was an almost teen to 1977. What albums meant something to me then that I could rediscover? One obvious album comes to mind Never Mind The Bollocks. It's never really gone away though so I started to think about other albums of 1977 that were important to a 12 year old me. Ian Dury's New Boots and Panties was probably the second most important album of that year for me.

I bought New Boots and Panties from Woolworths in Wantage. Took a 4 mile bus journey home with it. Once I got home I probably ran to my bedroom to play it. Put it on the record player. It was brilliant but…  My excitement was turned to disappointment when it jumped and in more than one place. I took it back to exchange it for another one but discovered when I got it home that it too had a few jumps on it. I got a third version - after being told there was a bad batch of them -  that still jumped a few times. I decided to live with that version. I think my Mum gave it away to the jumble when I left home.

Woolworths is reflected in window on the album cover. It may have been a sign in more ways than one.

I'm still looking out for it in Charity Shops and wonder, if when I get it home, it will jump like it did back in 1977 on the versions I once owned? These days it would probably have a sticker on it for the swear words it contains but back then my parents may have been just too busy to notice.

Note: There are a couple of versions of it on Spotify. One has the original songs and the other a deluxe version with many added tracks which include some demos. The original still sounds great to me.



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