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Nokia (more than just a well-known mobile phone company)

A late night journey back from a wedding in Nokia. It was a bit dark...



View From Office Window 

This was the view from my office window a few years ago. It used to be a bit of a struggle walking over Westminster Bridge in the morning and evening avoiding the tourists posing for pictures. The mobile phone image doesn't do the view justice but it gives you an idea of the awe inspiring view.


Me Outside Ian Beale's Cafe 2007

This is a picture taken using a mobile phone on one of my first visits to the set of EastEnders. I'd watched EastEnders from the begining and to be working on a programme that filmed behind-the-scenes of the show and having the chance to interview the cast was amazing.  Initially, when you first walk out onto the Albert Square set it seems much smaller than it does on the TV. Most TV studios I've ever worked in seem to as well.




I would never do something like this in reality. That's no bull either. It's one of those pictures that you get by framing your face inside a body picture. Had it done in the Amusement Arcade at County Hall. This image has become known as 'El Dandy'.


Missing The Bus